The present Conditions of Sales will apply to all sales made by 3M (“3M”) and will prevail over any conflicting conditions that a customer (“customer”) from 3M may attempt to enforce, including the customer’s General Conditions of Purchase, except as agreed in writing and signed by 3M and the Customer. 


These General Terms of Sale cannot be amended verbally.


All orders will be considered legally binding as soon as 3M has dispatched the order acknowledgement. An order accepted by 3M can only be modified if agreed in writing and signing by 3M and only if the conditions enable 3M to compensate against any loss or prejudice it might suffer from. The order is personal to the purchaser and cannot be transferred or ceded without the writing and signing agreement of 3M. Any item/product or service that would not be specified on the order due to failure or inaccuracy of information given by the customer, additional works, studies, samples, prototypes, design and experimental works customer initiated or according 3M advice will be invoiced as additional services to current tariff. Pricing of products or services or any condition that can be applied to services can be modified at any time by 3M according to the average increase of their cost. Alignment will be done monthly following notification to the customer.


Any delivery is defined by reference to ICC Incoterms (2010). Deliveries in Metropolitan France - unless otherwise stated on the order – are shipped [EX WORK, unloaded, our warehouse in Arras – France] and picked up within three (3) calendar days from notification of readiness for shipment. Outside Metropolitan France - unless otherwise stated on the order – goods are shipped [FCA loaded, our warehouse in Arras – France]. In such a case, the Customer will have to pick up the goods according to the notification terms or at the latest within [three (3)] calendar days from the notification. Goods, even when sold free of charge, travel at customer’s risk. The Customer will have the liability to take any action required against the carrier. Partial deliveries are accepted, unless means of payment negotiated through banks exclude it. 3M reserves the right - in case of partial delivery - to invoice additional freight charges. Delivery times given are given on an indicative basis. Delay in delivery will not result in the modification of the present General Terms of Sales nor in the payment or deduction of damages nor in the re-imbursement of sums already paid to 3M. Without prejudice measures to be taken towards the carrier, claims for defects or non-compliance of the product delivered with the ordered goods or packing slip must be specified within 8 days upon receipt in writing a registered letter with acknowledgment of receiving. The customer must prove defects or differences and enable 3M or its representative to examine and remedy them. Services such as commissioning or technical assistance, including equipment commissioning by an agent or a subcontractor designated by  3M, are done subject to customer’s reasonable instructions, the delivery time, agents or subcontractors’ availability and works done by these ones only under their own liability.


Invoices are payable at the expedition of the material. However, in case of report on time agreed by 3M, the non-payment of any sum when due appearing on the invoice, will result in the application of penalties in an amount equal to three times the legal interest rate. These penalties are to be paid upon simple request submitted by 3M. In the event of non-payment within 48 hours upon a formal notice of a default of payment has remained without effect, the sale will be automatically cancelled at the absolute discretion of 3M and the vendor may institute summary proceedings to request the return of the goods, without prejudice to any other damages. 3M can cancel or suspend any order in progress. In addition, in the event of non-payment of one invoice by the due date the vendor reserves the right to consider all outstanding invoices immediately due and payable.


Guarantee is limited to the replacement of defective goods, provided that the defects arise from a manufacturing error. In case of defects, the only contractual obligation for 3M will be, at its only discretion to  (i) replace the products or correct the non-conformities of services - any freight charges, personal displacement or transfer on site charges, equipment dismantling or reinstallation charges will be charged to the Customer or (ii) issue a credit note for noncompliant or undelivered services. In the event of 3M’ liability should be instituted before an arbitror or in court, 3M shall not be held liable for any indirect loss or damage it might result from. In any event, 3M’ liability is always limited to the amount of products or services.


In event of a return, 3M will apply a discount for any use - effective or not - on the initial invoiced amount. For any return of new equipment (unpacked) returned to 3M within one (1) month, the discount will correspond to 15% of the material amount invoiced. In any other case, the discount will be determined by 3M after expertise.


The customer can resale delivered goods in ordinary course of business affairs. However, the customer shall assign all receivables in its favor to the Vendor when goods are sold on to third party purchasers.


Our goods are sold with an ownership reserve which covers the full payment of the goods, its delivery and its installation. Any possible advance payment/deposit will be considered as allowance on termination of contract.


The law applicable to the present General Terms of Sales or subsequent contract is the French law. The Customer agrees to prior submit any dispute arising regarding orders or contracts to the mediation of CMPA (website: in Paris for a maximal period of one (1) month. Any dispute relative to the present sale, - even in the event of an action to enforce a warranty or in the event that there are several defendants -  shall, failing mutual agreement, be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Lille, France.


In the event of an order late payment, a 40 (forty) € (euros) additional flat-rate allowance will automatically be added to late penalty fees to repay to creditor.


Cash discount is according to a purchaser in case of anticipated payment. 3M can apply a discount for cash payment up to 1% that, as it is offered to all customers, has to be mentioned in payment conditions.  This cash discount also has to appear on invoices.