OLCT 80-Wireless in the UK

Application Engeneering Case Study

A major UK company recently installed NH3 gas detectors at some of its sites due to the large quantities of ammonia present in this environment.

The goal of this project was to allow the customer to ensure employee safety and limit the environmental impact of any potential gas leaks. The large size of the facility meant that gas detectors must be relatively far removed from the company's control center.  As a result, a dozen wireless detectors were installed in remote areas, where it is nearly impossible to run electrical lines. An MX 43 was also installed in the customer's control room, and was in constant wireless communication with all the OLCT 80-Wireless devices in the field, , displaying the alarm status of each OLCT 80-Wireless.

3M Gas & Flame Detection's competitive advantage over other gas detection manufacturers is its latest innovative model of the OLCT80-Wireless. Following an on-site demonstration given by 3M Gas & Flame Detection's Application Engeneering's team, the device's powerful signal and mesh network topology were quick to gain the support of the facility's safety manager by offering a convenient, efficient and economical gas detection solution.